More IPs may enter Lego MMO, but not at “first launch”

Monday, 6th October 2008 20:02 GMT By Patrick Garratt


Talking to Massively, Lego Universe project lead Mark Hansen has said that other IPs such as Indiana and Star Wars may be included in the MMO, although if anything is to happen it’ll be as an addition to the launch game.

“I think that IPs would be great to see in the game,” he said. “It’s not for the first launch.”

There’s still no date for this, but if there was ever an online game with “promise,” here it is.

Full thing through the link.



  1. Esha

    I actually agree with you, Pat.

    I’m not so sure of the idea of Lego-Men, they’re not the most appealing avatar I could think of. But having seen some of the concept pictures, it just strikes me as a really fascinating concept and something that could turn out to be a beauty of a game.

    And personally I’m hoping it’ll be a pro-exploration game, as the genre really needs more of those. There are far too many locked down and linear MMOs at the moment, and this includes Warcraft*.

    So I’ll be keeping my eye on this, and hoping.

    * I have that opinion because ever since they took out wall-walking, it’s near impossible to actually achieve any feats of exploration due to high-level monsters. Players are kept in their respective zone by their level, and not allowed into Outland also due to their level and an impassible gate. So Warcraft is just as linear as Everquest II, it just hides it better.

    #1 6 years ago

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