Cut Warhammer Online content to return for free

Friday, 19th September 2008 12:19 GMT By Patrick Garratt

Mythic boss Mark Jacobs has confirmed that content cut from the launch of Warhammer Online – namely character classes and capital cities – is to be reintroduced at a later date as part of the subscription charge.

“Are we going to put [the pulled content] in a paid expansion? No,” Jacobs told 1UP.

“What I’ve told the users point blank is that we want to give it to you as part of subscription content. We don’t have a schedule penciled in for when that will be coming, but we’re going to release it without any additional charge to players.”

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  1. Kalain

    Well I hope so, since the classes and cities they removed are actually part of those races. This just sounds like a ‘Hey guys, we’re giving you free stuff’ when it should’ve been in the game from the word go.

    Why do I get a feeling that any additional content is going to come in the form of a paid for expansion pack?

    #1 6 years ago

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