“I hate being scared,” says Siren designer

Friday, 12th September 2008 13:41 GMT By Patrick Garratt


Speaking to MTV, Siren: Blood Curse Designer Keiichiro Toyama has admitted he’s a massive chicken. Working on horror products was clearly the best option then, you Japanese mentalist.

“I hate being scared,” he said. “I also wonder why humans like to be scared, however, [I] haven’t reached [a] clear answer yet.

“Some say it’s closely related to one of the substances inside the brain. I’d say the fear and the ecstatic feelings after you overcome the fear are essential functions in order for humans to live.”

More through there. Get another job, dude.



  1. Gekidami

    Hum, i honnestly didnt find Siren scary atall, actually its one of the least scary “horror” games i’ve ever played right after the RE series, Blood Curse is an over all good game but if fear was his objective i think he failed.

    #1 6 years ago

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