GameStop conference rumours: New Indy shown next week, GTA DS, more

Wednesday, 10th September 2008 07:14 GMT By Patrick Garratt

1UP’s posted a heap of rumours from the GameStop retail conference in Las Vegas, including a nice bit about the new Indiana Jones game. And here they are:

  • Indiana Jones – First trailer of new PS3 and 360 game to be shown next week. Apparently it uses the Force Unleashed engine and will release next year.
  • GTA: Chinatown Wars – Gang members will be recruitable. The stylus is used to hotwire cars.
  • Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories – To be ported to PS2 this autumn. Will feature “all new 3D bosses and cutscenes,” and should retail for $29.99.
  • PSP 3000 will be bundled with a 4 gigabyte memory stick when it hits North America October 14. Sony fans who still haven’t taken the PSP plunge will be able to pick up the rumored bundle for $199.
  • Project Gotham Racing 4 will be packaged with 12 months of Xbox Live and a messenger kit for $69.99 this year.

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  1. Blerk

    Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories was already released for the PS2 in Japan – it was bundled with the Final Mix version of Kingdom Hearts 2 over there. So that’s probably true, although it’d be a bit cheeky to try and sell it as a separate game over here. If only because it’s rubbish. :-D

    #1 6 years ago
  2. FireFly

    I would get it nonetheless, but if it gets released outside japan, it better be the whole damn KHII:FM+

    That’d be a first though….for the Jap ‘international’ edition of a SE game to be…international. (iThink)

    #2 6 years ago
  3. wickedman


    #3 6 years ago

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