Warhammer 40K Space Marine shown in massive movie demo

Friday, 5 September 2008 08:29 GMT By Patrick Garratt


Just a hunch, but we’re guessing this wasn’t supposed to be released. The THQ Australia Warhammer 40K game – now confirmed as Warhammer 40K Space Marine – has been shown off overnight in a ten-minute gameplay video, complete with developer commentary.

Watch the entire thing on Tiscali Games. There was a GameTrailers version of this doing the rounds in the past few hours, but it looks as though it’s been pulled.

The game looks very cool, pitching the player in a third-person combat environment as, obviously, a Space Marine. Ranged combat looks to be limited to pistols, with emphasis placed on sword fighting and finishing moves.

Watch it. Quick, before THQ has a fanny.