Months old Tales of Vesperia demo “exclusive to OXM”

Tuesday, 2nd September 2008 06:33 GMT By Patrick Garratt


Not quite sure what’s going on here, but OXM’s claimed that it’s got the “exclusive” on the Tales of Vesperia demo for its October issue out September 4. We’re assuming this is the same demo released in Asia in June and the rest of the 360-playing world in July, but we may be wrong. We’ll get the mag this week and let you know.



  1. locus2k1

    May have missed this one, will have to double check when I’m on Live tonight… But did this demo come out in the UK?

    #1 6 years ago
  2. patlike

    Yeah, it did. It came out in all regions, I think.

    #2 6 years ago
  3. Jonty

    No it didn’t – never available in the UK. Take a look at Marketplace and see. Don’t think it was even available in Europe, just US and Asia.

    #3 6 years ago
  4. patlike

    Well, we got that wrong, then. Well done on the exclusive, OXM :D

    #4 6 years ago
  5. Psychotext


    #5 6 years ago
  6. locus2k1

    paying for a demo for the lose, lol. Be the first OXM i have ever bought

    no wonder Square enix are thinking of perhaps doing the same :p

    #6 6 years ago

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