Games stop men exercising, says Dr Keith

Thursday, 28 August 2008 12:34 GMT By Patrick Garratt


The Sun’s Dr Keith has hit out at games such as “virtual tennis” for stopping men exercising by filling their leisure time with “clicking on consoles with eyes glued to a screen.”

“The only bits of anatomy many young men exercise are their fingers and wrists,” he said. “No sniggering at the back, please, I’m talking about computer games.

“All those leisure hours we used to fill with climbing trees or kicking balls have gone. Because we’re all too busy clicking on consoles with eyes glued to a screen.

“I recently caught my teenage kids playing virtual tennis.

There’s a tennis court down the road. But instead of getting fresh air, they were wearing out our carpet, their thumb joints and my patience.”

He has a point. Get off you ass and feel the burn, maggot farmer. More through the link.