Dyack: EVE’s better than WoW

Tuesday, 26 August 2008 18:39 GMT By Patrick Garratt


Speaking to VG247 in London recently, Silicon Knights boss Denis Dyack said that, in his opinion, EVE Online’s better than World of Warcraft. It’s an RPG developer MMO face-off, kids.

“I used to,” said Dyack when asked if he played World of Warcraft. “I pulled myself off… Within four weeks I was at level 57, so I almost got to level 60 and then I said, ‘You know, I’ve got to stop this.’

“I was really, really big into EVE Online,” he added. “I love EVE Online, and actually for me personally I actually think it’s a better game. I know it’s a lot harder core, but the depth of it’s unparalleled and I love it. But I have to stop, force myself to stop playing those games because it takes so much time.”

It’s not just MMOs that float Denis’s boat, though. He’s a whatever, whenever kinda guy. Expect when he’s crunching on a game.

“I play games across the board, you know,” he said. “Whatever I can play I’ll try, and I’m looking forward to getting home and actually playing some games, now that I’m not working on Too Human 24/7.”

So there you go. EVE wins. For now.