iMyst coming to iPhone

Friday, 22nd August 2008 09:42 GMT By Mike

A post on the Mystonline forums from a Cyan developer reveals that the classic first person perspective adventure game is on its way to Apple’s iPhone.

This is a small project that probably a very few of you know about. We are porting Myst to the iPhone. Ok, before some of you start groaning, this is an outside funded project that is keeping a few developers employed… but it is really more than that. It is an interesting and fun project. This is also a very small team with three of us (which includes Derek, Rand (not Randy) and myself).

That’s about it, really. Thanks Kotaku.

By Mike Bowden



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  1. EdwardTivrusky

    Is anyone surprised at this?
    Myst is about the only game that Apple could stand being on their systems. Still, have fun guys, i’ve a soft spot for Myst even though it infuriates me at times. :)

    #1 6 years ago