Retailers who stick with PS2 for Christmas will reap the benefits, says Tesco

Thursday, 21 August 2008 14:59 GMT By Mike

Speaking with MCV, Tesco’s Matthew Cushway – a member of the MCV Retail Advisory Board – has said that retailers who “stick with PS2 this Christmas will reap the benefits.”

“PlayStation 2 still has a key part to play in the gaming market this year,” he said. “It seems some people forget that for a large number of young families the outlay for a new console is a major decision and is simply not an option in the current economy.”

“With the PlayStation 2 install base I believe that many younger-skewed games will again perform very well this year,” he went on.

“Retailers who stick with the PS2 format for Christmas this year will reap the benefits.”

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By Mike Bowden