Microsoft excited by Too Human trilogy

Tuesday, 19th August 2008 17:03 GMT By Mike

Speaking with MCV, Microsoft’s head of gaming and entertainment, Stephen McGill, has said that MS “very excited” by a Too Human trilogy.

“Microsoft Game Studios and Silicon Knights are committed to finishing the first instalment, but Too Human is an overarching epic with a rich and vast game universe that cannot be told in one instalment,” he said.

“This game will begin the saga of the god Baldur in the narrative tradition of classic trilogies, such as Star Wars and Lord Of The Rings. We will talk about the full trilogy and we are very excited about its potential.”

Silicon Knights boss Denis Dyack told videogaming247 in an exclusive interview that work is already underway on Too Human 2 and 3.

By Mike Bowden



  1. maven

    Well, if you look closely at a Shane Kim quote from an earlier 1UP interview, they don’t seem quite as excited… ;)

    1UP: Lastly, will you guys support Silicon Knights long enough to turn the projected Too Human trilogy into an actual trilogy? Microsoft has been flaky in the past, and has outright bailed on some projects, like Psychonauts, so, given the problems Too Human has had in its development (like going from a four-player game to a two-player game), are you guys prepared to see this ambitious series through to its conclusion?

    Shane Kim: Well, the way I’d like to look at Too Human is that the launch of the game is right around the corner, in August, and at the moment, we’re concentrating on getting it out the door and of course we hope it’s a great success. So, it’s too early to start thinking of it in terms of being a trilogy when the first game hasn’t even shipped yet. Another thing to remember is that Too Human is Silicon Knights’ intellectual property, so it’s not really our place to say whether it becomes a trilogy or not. That’s something for them to determine going forward, but the first game is great and I hope everyone’s playing it in a month’s time.

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