Sonic & The Black Knight coming soon to a Wii near you?

Sunday, 20th July 2008 08:16 GMT By Patrick Garratt

Well, you can’t knock Sega for being predictable, at any rate. A thread on NeoGAF is touting a scan of Nintendo Power’s September issue, which features Sonic front and center, clad in a jeweled gauntlet and hefting a sizeable blade. The cover proclaims the game’s title “Sonic & The Black Knight.”

Aside from the fact that the cover looks pretty legit, this “announcement” was hinted in the last issue of NP, so we’re fairly sure this isn’t just a mean prank.

That does not, however, mean we hope it isn’t.

By Nathan Grayson



  1. Blerk

    Just how many Sonic games can we have on the way at any one time? Are they going on the whole “if we do ten then one of them is bound not to be shit!” thing?

    #1 7 years ago

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