“OR2″ announced for PSP

Monday, 14th July 2008 14:04 GMT By Mike


Remember this countdown timer to something called OR2? Well, the game seems to be a PSP puzzler if this Watch.Impress page is anything to go by.

Google Translate doesn’t help matters much offering only the words, “Brave man you’re so scared that actual or2.” What it does say, however, is that there is no price or release date as of yet.

Looks like Dig-Dug to us.

By Mike Bowden



  1. pjmaybe

    What in the name of f…

    It’s Wanted: Monty Mole!

    #1 7 years ago
  2. patlike

    *Scargill face*

    #2 7 years ago
  3. Blerk

    ORLY? :-)

    Looks… retro! Seems to be some kind of dungeon-digging thing. Also seems to be a sequel, although I can’t find any reference to an OR1 anywhere. Of course, googling for ‘or’ returns a fair few results.

    #3 7 years ago
  4. Hero of Canton

    It’s the sequel to a Japanese game (whose name I can’t recall at the moment) where you’re tasked with creating a dungeon full of traps and monsters, hoping to ensnare any adventurers brave/stupid enough to venture inside.

    #4 7 years ago
  5. Blerk

    Sort of a 2D Dungeon Keeper, then?

    #5 7 years ago
  6. Psychotext

    Told ya. :P

    #6 7 years ago
  7. Tiger Walts

    The translation of the title was roughly “Impudent Hero” or something.

    #7 7 years ago

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