Shaun White Wii more about opportunities than challenges, says Lim

Saturday, 12 July 2008 20:05 GMT By Mike

In an exclusive interview with videogaming247, Shaun White Snowboarding community development manager Clarence Lim said that developing the Wii version was all about exploiting the features of the console rather than seeing it as an obstacle.

“I wouldn’t say they are challenges, but more like opportunities,” he said.

“Our very talented development teams have taken the time to really understand intuitive controls to create rewarding experiences that are optimized for each platform.”

“For example, we’ve built the Wii version from ground up with the Balance Board in mind, the Xbox 360 has Achievements, and PlayStation 3 enables Sixaxis control and Trophies.”

Look out for our full chat with Clarence soon.

By Mike Bowden