Codemaster’s F1 game will be a sim not arcade

Thursday, 10th July 2008 22:11 GMT By Mike

Posting under the alias Uncle Chewy in a post on the Codemasters forums, the exec producer of the arcade racer GRID has assured fans that its up and coming F1 game will be a proper sim.

Right, I haven’t read every post in this thread, but I get the jist and just to stop you all from panicking too much… GRID and DiRT are aimed at an arcade audience and they do that very well. F1 has different requirements and will get a completely different treatment from our in-house team, including full on sim options, physics, rules and regs etc. We will also have arcade requirements catered for as well. How this will be split we do not know yet, but split it will be.

Can everyone calm down now? Thanks.

By Mike Bowden



  1. el Croux

    I really like the PS3 game. It was fully scalable from ultra arcade to ridiculous sim. Looked lovely as well. Don’t see that they have to do THAT much different. I suspect a lot of boastful press releases will be coming our way though.

    #1 7 years ago
  2. Psychotext

    A full F1 sim wouldn’t actually be that much fun to play (we’d have trouble completing a single lap) so I hope they strike the right balance.

    #2 7 years ago

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