Nippon Ichi leaks widescreen DS design?

Monday, 7th July 2008 12:54 GMT By Patrick Garratt


Dood. Nintendo Power’s E3 issue shows what appears to be a widescreen DS in an advert for Disgaea DS and Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure.

Putting two and two together to make 46, this could mean Nintendo is to show a new DS model at the LA show next week, as previously rumoured and denied. It could, of course, mean nothing of the sort.

Nintendo won’t comment on this, but we’ll ask anyway.

Thanks, Aeropause.



  1. Blerk

    That’s the worst photoshop ever. The top screen and bottom screen don’t even line up.

    #1 7 years ago
  2. SticKboy

    “Rise Above The Peons”, eh? The National Curriculum aren’t going to like that…

    #2 7 years ago
  3. mart

    Come now, don’t be silly.

    #3 7 years ago
  4. Killerbee

    Interesting… there’s also this:

    Could be linked?

    #4 7 years ago
  5. prodygee

    Best Photoshop ever.

    #5 7 years ago
  6. haowan

    Never use Nintendo Power as the basis for any kind of fact, rumour, estimate, guess, or news. That’s my policy.

    #6 7 years ago
  7. prodygee

    Oh and isn’t that just made to fit the image?

    #7 7 years ago
  8. ecu

    What would be the point of a widescreen DS? If it was a brand new console, then yes, it seems like a logical step, but an actual widescreen version of the DS would be completely pointless since there’s already hundreds of non-widescreen games, and adding widescreen to it wouldn’t add much to any game.

    #8 7 years ago

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