3D Realms: E3 “Irrelevant,” tiny screenshots are only way to go

Friday, 27th June 2008 22:37 GMT By Patrick Garratt

When asked by Next-Gen why Duke Nukem Forever won’t be making the trip to E3, 3D Realms chief Scott Miller had a pretty straightforward answer.

“We view E3 as irrelevant nowadays,” he said. “In fact, I wasn’t even aware it was coming up.”

We suppose that would be an issue when you’re developing your game under a rock. Never fear, though. Everything’s still on track.

“Development is swimming along nicely,” Miller added. “Seriously nicely.”

By Nathan Grayson



  1. dgxxx

    I don’t know why but I don’t believe them

    #1 7 years ago
  2. Panipal2005

    This is some sort of investor scam, isn’t it?

    #2 7 years ago
  3. Daniel Plainview

    “I wasn’t even aware it was coming up” UM OK

    #3 7 years ago
  4. SticKboy

    Not convinced – still holding out hope for an E3 appearance.

    #4 7 years ago

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