Heap of new Soul Calibur IV info in this month’s Famitsu

Wednesday, 25th June 2008 16:10 GMT By Mike


The new Famitsu has hit the Japanese streets and those busy bi-lingual internet beavers have translated a section containing loads of new Soul Calibur IV information.

The info is:

  • Custom characters: Complete freedom for use of parts, color change, and cloth combinations.
  • Custom characters: Body build and muscle are also adjustable, there’s a 100 levels of modification.
  • Custom characters: You can change fighting styles and abilities.
  • Custom characters: 50 character slots.
  • Custom characters: Use parts obtained and equipment bought; you can build ninja looking characters.
  • Custom characters: You can edit 20 parts of the character, you can also change voice depths, also equip parts on existing characters.
  • Custom characters: Adjusting both structure and muscle build makes appearance change more visible.
  • Custom characters: Appearance and voice can be modified at will.
  • Single-player story mode: There will be character swapping.
  • Single-player story mode: Character change can be used to perform combos, but it depletes a meter on screen in the lower left/right side.
  • Single-player story mode: Teammates may suddenly join and leave at the end of the battle.
  • Soulless Tower mode: A Single-player mode, the goal is to reach the top.
  • Soulless Tower mode: Each level has treasure chests filled with goodies.

  • Soulless Tower mode: Opponents have the ability to swap out while fighting players.

  • Soulless Tower mode: You can choose multiple CAS or existing characters, CAS may be the key to victory.

Soul Calibur IV will be released on August 1 for 360 and PS3.

Thanks to Aske from Neogaf.

By Mike Bowden



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