“No official plans” for Dungeon Siege 3, says Taylor

Monday, 9 June 2008 16:14 GMT By Patrick Garratt

Speaking to CVG, Gas Powered Games’ Chris Taylor has said that comments he made last week about Dungeon Siege 3 being a single-character affair doesn’t mean he’s working on the game itself.

“We have not made any official announcements, or have any official plans, but we are kicking ideas around, and that’s no secret,” he said.

“It would be a long time before another DS game was finished and saw the light of day.”

Taylor added: “When asked if we were considering taking lessons learned from Space Siege back into the Dungeon Siege series, the answer was yes.

“The example I gave was the multi-character parties… saying I was done with the big parties, because it really took the focus away from the main hero. In fact, in Dungeon Siege, it was hard to really have a ‘main’ hero, so-to-speak.”

So there we are.