Bourne PS3 requires 5Gb install

Wednesday, 4th June 2008 22:34 GMT By Patrick Garratt

Oh. Dear. According to this Loot Ninja story, the PS3 version of The Bourne Conspiracy requires a 5Gb install.

This isn’t the best news in the world if you have a 40Gb PS3, obviously. Bit of music, Devil May Cry 4, Warhawk and Bourne and you’re kind of doomed.

Which is a shame.



  1. morriss

    oh dear indeed

    #1 7 years ago
  2. Truk

    Yes. Doomed. Woah is us. The horror.

    Melodramatics a go-go.

    #2 7 years ago
  3. Enkeixpress

    wow.. PS3 owners are really getting shat on here…

    Lay off Sony, will ya?

    #3 7 years ago
  4. morriss

    Wait until the MGS4 installs are revealed.

    #4 7 years ago
  5. FourZeroSeven

    Phhff! Konami and Sony have that covered!
    Why do you think the MGS4 PS3 bundle ships with the 80GB HDD? :D ;)

    #5 7 years ago
  6. morriss

    Not in Europe it doesn’t! :)

    #6 7 years ago
  7. Killerbee

    “Why do you think the MGS4 PS3 bundle ships with the 80GB HDD?”

    Ow. That kind of statement is like a kick in the gonads for European gamers. I know I’m not the only one who would lay out £350+ on that bundle tomorrow, but SCEE seem intent on denying themselves my ready cash.

    Unless of course that comment was laced with icy sarcasm, in which case… well, quite. :)

    #7 7 years ago
  8. Psychotext


    Optional or nothing you amateurs.

    #8 7 years ago
  9. DrDamn

    Buy either version of this and you’re doomed. Best avoided for a whole host of other reasons.

    #9 7 years ago
  10. Shatner

    I like how the doom and gloom in every “…requires xGB of install” post inevitably carries the resigned tone of “well it looks like this is becoming the norm”.

    Then, a week later when another game does it it’s headline news and “OMG! We never expected this. What’s going on here?!?”

    I noticed a snail had been trodden on on the pavement this morning. The crushed shell lay around a little dark squeltchy patch on the ground. FUCK YOU SONY! I’M GOING TO SAY BAD THINGS ON THE INTERNET THEN YOU’LL BE SORRY!

    #10 7 years ago
  11. Psychotext

    I’m not sure what Sony had to do with the snail being crushed.

    #11 7 years ago
  12. El_MUERkO

    everything EVERYTHING everything EVERYTHING everything EVERYTHING everything EVERYTHING everything EVERYTHING everything EVERYTHING everything EVERYTHING everything EVERYTHING everything EVERYTHING everything EVERYTHING everything EVERYTHING everything EVERYTHING everything EVERYTHING e v ery ti nng

    #12 7 years ago
  13. deanimate

    cant you just swap out the 40GB for a 500GB drive?
    surely doing so would produce a rather large sigh of:
    “Job – Done”

    #13 7 years ago
  14. ecu

    Reeeeeally don’t care about installs. I’m still not seeing what the big deal is.

    #14 7 years ago
  15. FireFly

    ecu, you might not care now, but when your shit is full, then what?But to tell you the truth, I really don’t give a shit (right now atleast).
    SONY should come out with some OPS flash drives though. Or sell HDD for mad cheap. Then, memory probs should forever be solved…

    #15 7 years ago
  16. ecu

    If it gets full, then I delete one of the old games I installed ages ago. Say, DMC4. Doubt I’d ever return to that once finished.

    #16 7 years ago
  17. Enkeixpress

    We are Dogs. Sony is our master.

    They say fetch, We go and fetch whatever it is they’ve thrown. They say lay, We lay down as always..

    They give our food when they’re ready, not when asked or even told.

    #17 7 years ago
  18. Tonka

    How crap. I used to think it was a mistake of MS not to include a HDD in every SKU. Now it looks like the best move ever.

    Seriously, from what I’ve read these installs doesn’t even improve the games compared to the 360 versions. It sounds more and more like a quick way out. I wonder what load times would be like without the installs. Must be rather horrible for devs to think a 5Gig install is worthwhile.

    #18 7 years ago
  19. Hero of Canton

    The PS3 is the new Wii. Get cleaning out that fridge, folks!

    #19 7 years ago
  20. Blerk

    Sony really need to ditch that 40gb drive. Or kick some developers. Preferably both.

    #20 7 years ago
  21. kasai

    From what I’ve read the installs do nothing for the game. GTA 4 loads up 3 times faster on the 360 than the mandatory installed PS3 version.

    Every time I read this it just cry’s lazy development. They should spend more time trying to figure out how to get the most from the console.

    Not to mention the lower resolution up scaled games on both consoles the HD revolution doesn’t seem so revolutionary.

    #21 7 years ago


    I’ve got around 30+ games for my 360. (not including Arcade stuff)

    If/when I get a PS3 I can’t see how it’s going to be possible to do the same thing unless they sort this massive install business out!

    They’re going to have to release a 500GB version some way along the line, surely…

    #22 7 years ago
  23. Tonka

    Hero of Canton Hit the nail on the head.

    #23 7 years ago

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