EGM refuses to score MGS4 because Konami imposed censorship

Monday, 2 June 2008 09:58 GMT By Patrick Garratt

This is only going to get worse. According to this GameSetLinks piece, US paper-staple EGM has refused to score Metal Gear Solid 4 because Konami attempted to censor certain aspects of the review.

According to the site, quoting from the mag, the decision was made because of “the limitations Konami wanted to impose on our comments”.

This is just the latest in an ongoing meta-row about Metal Gear Solid 4 reviews, which is sending fanboys grade-A crackers on a global level.

Eurogamer’s 8/10 attracted a comments thread over 1,700 posts long, and the revelation that Konami told US reviewers not to mention install sizes or cut-scene length last week has only added fuel to an already exploding fire.

All we’re going to say is, “Oh dear.”