Harrison has “always recognised 360’s capabilities”

Thursday, 29 May 2008 15:12 GMT By Patrick Garratt

Speaking to Eurogamer, Infogrames president Phil Harrison has admitted he’s a 360 fanboy. Or not. We can’t quite work it out.

“I’ve always recognised its capabilities, so it’s not like I’ve woken up and gone, ‘Ooh, I’m a real 360 fan now.’ I’m in a different part of the industry so I have a different role to play,” he said.

“It’s been a good experience learning about other formats, not just 360 but Wii and DS, and understanding what it’s like to publish games on those platforms and create for those audiences. I’m finding it very intellectually and creatively challenging.”

Harrison was head of Sony’s worldwide studios in his last job. The inner turmoil now he’s moved must be immense.