Mario & Sonic headline UK’s February, PC games on “downward spiral”

Monday, 17th March 2008 13:20 GMT By Patrick Garratt


According to this, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games was the biggest selling game of February in the UK, followed by Devil May Cry 4 and Wii Play.

PC gaming’s looking rather grim by comparison, with the format only taking 15 percent of the market by units.

“Looking at the format share and you’ll notice that the PC is not doing particularly well at the moment, as it revolves around The Sims, World of Warcraft, Football Manager and the odd war/strategy title (e.g. Call of Duty), with the more traditional games not performing well at all,” said ChartTrack director Dorian Bloch. “We feel the market for PC games is on a downward spiral in terms of value generated in the UK market.”

Hit the link for all the UK sales stats you can handle, including some very dismal reading on the state of PC gaming in Britain.



  1. scuz

    jeezo. they really love to think they’re killing a format and bragging about it don’t they, this is the busiest time for consoles and obviously the consumer focus has to be somewhere at somepoint, with golden franchises being nicked off of us like GTA, its no wonder people are playing their consoles more than their pc’s.

    It doesn’t mean that the PC is dying, it means that developers on the broad spectrum are going where the money is AT THE MOMENT, if you look at that chart, only 3 of those games are suited to a PC enviroment, it doesn’t mean by any stroke of thought that the PC is a bad enviroment to have games in, it just means these wii games and family-fun-lets-all-crowd-around-the-telly games just have no appeal due to their short lived bogusness.

    pc gaming may not be the wonder format people think the wii is, but it will definitely and has done lasted longer than every console ever made, PC gamers are in it for the long haul, this sudden consumer frenzy everybody and their granny buying a console and 2 games means nothing.

    and before you say it. i’ve owned 6 consoles. including a ps3.

    #1 7 years ago
  2. patlike

    Titan Quest is on PC. I therefore love PC. I’ll play Fallout on PC as well. I do think it’s a bit daft to say it’s on the way out when it clearly isn’t.

    #2 7 years ago

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