Rockstar responds to Bully bugs

Thursday, 6th March 2008 06:43 GMT By Patrick Garratt


A few angry posts popped up yesterday regarding some crash-heavy bugs in the Bully: Scholarship Edition for Xbox 360, but a dribble turned into a flood overnight, it would seem. Rockstar made a statement on the issue, to be found here.

We have just become aware of the issues people are having with Bully Scholarship Edition on Xbox 360. It appears that some older 360s are experiencing framerate issues, freezes and other problems. You have our word that we never experienced any of this in QA – in any of our offices or at Microsoft. I am horrified, and we are now working around the clock to rectify this situation. Thanks to Neo-Gaf for bringing this matter to our attention. We love our games and put a huge amount of energy and care into making them all that they can be. We would never shove anything out the door – we never have and never will. We apologise to everyone affected for the inconvenience.


Sam Houser

Internet placation at it’s best, there. Hopefully this is a storm in a teacup.



  1. Blerk

    Why would older 360s ever show this problem, I wonder? It’s not like they’ve really changed the design much aside from adding a few exhaust pipes and a spoiler.

    #1 7 years ago
  2. patlike

    No idea, tbh. The internets are going a bit bonkers over this.

    #2 7 years ago
  3. soong

    It *could* be true, it seems that older 360s get disc read errors with Lost Odyssey, and the texture pop-up and framerate problems in Mass Effect are said to be far worse on older 360s.

    #3 7 years ago

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