Blu-ray Association gloats over Wal-Mart HD-DVD decision

Saturday, 16th February 2008 10:36 GMT By Patrick Garratt

There’s nothing noble about this. Following yesterday’s decision by Wal-Mart to drop HD-DVD completely as of June this year, the Blu-ray Association has issued a cringeworthy response.

“Retailers have a tremendous impact on consumer preferences, and as the world’s largest retailer, Wal-Mart’s reach and leadership are unparalleled,” said the body’s chairman, Andy Parson. “Their decision to support only Blu-ray, particularly in light of the string of similar announcements from the content and retail communities over the last six weeks, seems to us to be a very clear statement that Blu-ray Disc has emerged as the format of choice for high definition home entertainment.”

Good for you, Andy. Good for you.



  1. Jmek

    This has got to be one of the only times where a cheaper, more reliable format has lost. It beggars belief that the punters have gone for a format which still hasn’t been finalised, has players that are £400+ that won’t be compatable with future releases and region encoded to boot! Far play to Sony whose blatent piss taking out of the consumer hasn’t tarnished their ability to sell shedloads of machines and finally take pole position in a new media format. Added to the fact that the PS3 is now outselling the 360 they may just reclaim top spot in the console market as well.

    #1 7 years ago
  2. Syrok

    And the PS3 is, as far is I know, the only BD-Player that can be updated. So, it’s pretty much the best BD-Player around.

    #2 7 years ago
  3. patlike

    I think a huge amount of the reason BR’s been adopted by consumers is because of PS3. Guess they proved a lot of us wrong.

    #3 7 years ago
  4. scuz

    DVD was propelled into the consumers living room because of the ps2, now blu ray is, it makes sense.

    but yeah that statement could have been better.

    #4 7 years ago
  5. kasai

    This war was won by the studios not by the consumer if the studios didn’t make alliances and just put the movies on both formats HD-DVD would of won because it was cheaper.

    Sadly that didn’t happen lets not forget that sony and several of the companys that are now or will be BD only are apart of the MPAA as well. Sony’s movie studio connections are stronger than Toshiba’s will or have ever been.

    #5 7 years ago

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