Easy to make monkey dance, says Samba man

Monday, 4th February 2008 13:08 GMT By Patrick Garratt


The director of the original Samba de Amigo, Shun Nakamura, has explained why the Dreamcast maraca game, now headed to Wii courtesy of Gearbox, ended up with a monkey as the main character.

“It was easy to make him dance and show off in a fun-filled atmosphere,” he said, speaking here. “We tried numerous face designs before we finally came up with the existing game model.”

Sega’s listing Samba de Amigo for Wii as “spring 2008″ at the moment, but nothing’s been seen of everyone’s favourite rattling monkey since the new version was announced last year. The Dreamcast original was brilliant, and very hard, and brilliant hard things are always worth waiting for, so we’re good with that.



  1. Razz

    Yes! I’ve always wanted to play this game and I couldn’t afford it back when it came out as it was far too expensive, but seeing as the wiimote could become a decent maraca controller, especially with the speaker + vibration, it shouild be very affordable.

    I hope they’ll be some Ninty tunes in it too! ^____^

    /crosses fingers

    #1 7 years ago

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