Brash does Space Chimps

Thursday, 31st January 2008 19:22 GMT By Patrick Garratt

A slight departure from Saw and 2010, the rumoured Clash of the Titans game, but a movie tie-in from Brash nonetheless. The publisher said today it was making the game for the animated Space Chimps movie from Twentieth Century Fox, to release alongside the film on July 18.

“The Space Chimps movie introduces a loveable cast of characters that fans will be quite fond of,” explained Mitch Davis, co-founder, chairman and CEO of Brash Entertainment. “We’ve collaborated with Vanguard to create a game that incorporates the characters and world of the movie while building a unique storyline with new characters, giving fans the opportunity to be able live in the ‘Space Chimps’ world a little longer.”

Only Wii, Xbox 360, DS and PS2 SKUs apply. no Space Chimps for PS3, then.



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